How to Get Started

Whether you're looking to get cash for your unwanted stuff or interested in finding a good deal on used items, Action Video & Sports Cards is your answer. Check out what we buy and sell, browse through our current auctions on ebay, stop by our retail store in West Deptford, NJ, or call us at 856-464-1535 today to find out how we can help.


Why Use Us?

You may be wondering why anyone would use a service like ours and not just sell their own stuff. Here are a few things our customers have told us:

  1. "I love getting cash up front." It's easy--you bring in your items, you leave with cash.
  2. "I know I'll get a fair price." When selling items on eBay, there's no guarantee you'll get your asking price. We'll offer you fair market value for your item on the spot.
  3. "You saved me a lot of time." Everyone is busy and time is money; save yours with a phone call and a quick trip to our store.
  4. "You saved me money." Transaction fees and shipping can cut into your total profit. Less expenses equal a larger profit for you.